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Remove automatically rows based on a condition

elea mzaet

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I have data with duplicates rows and I'm looking for a way to remove them automatically. I created a calculated column indicating rows occurrences and I'd like to delete all rows in my table corresponding to the condition: [Rank] != 1. I have this: ------------------------ |ColA ColB Rank |----------------------- | a1 b1 1 | a2 b2 1 | a1 b1 2 | a3 b3 1 | a1 b1 3 | a3 b3 2 And would like to obtain this: ------------------------ |ColA ColB Rank |----------------------- | a1 b1 1 | a2 b2 1 | a3 b3 1 The data source being dynamic, I wonder if there is a way to use a scheduler to perform this task...
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