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How to display multiple related visuals on a page which are all sourced from the same flattened dashboard

Dominic Rorke

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I want to display multiple related visuals on a page, all sourced from the same flattened dashboard.

Using the wiki post: https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/spotfire-javascript-mashup-api-and-tech... I am able to specify individual visualizations from a dashboard containing multiple visuals to embed in a DIV on a page, and this is working fine. I want to take this further to specify multiple visualizations to display from my flattened dashboard, and display each one within separate DIV's on my page, plus have each visualization respond to interactions on the others.

I thought I might achieve this by using the methodology detailed in https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/mashup-example-multiple-views-using-tib..., but I have found that only the first visualization listed gets displayed. Clearly, in this wiki post example each visualization is being sources from a separate view, as opposed to what I have, which are multiple views created on the fly (from a single dashboard/ view using IronPy on the server).

Is it possible to achieve this with the Spotfire JS API, and if so, how

Many thanks,


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