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Complex OVER formula displaying average move count

Aron Glas 2

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Happy new year!

I've got a question on a complex OVER formula.

I would like to display the move count per crane on a specific hour (eg.: hour 1, day 5), as the average moves for that crane on that hour in the last eg. 2 days.

How would I do this My result should be a bar-chart with the crane on the X-axis and the move count on the Y axis. Stacked per hour, filter on a specific date.

So far I designed a formula that looks like this:

(Count([move_id]) OVER (Intersect([hour],[Axis.X],LastPeriods(2,[date]))) / UniqueCount([date]) OVER (Intersect([Axis.X],LastPeriods(2,[date]))))

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