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The dashboard screen should be auto updated if connected Microsoft SQL server data is updated

Pradeep Naik

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A dashboard is running already stating current status of analytics from connected Microsoft SQL server. If the database is updated with more data the UI of dashboard which is already running should gets refreshed with new data without any manual interpretation.

Any help i can get here, i am having a trail version of spotfire, need to setup a POC on it. Requirement is to display a dashboard on a large TV screen for monitoring data progress.

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There's no way out of the box, but you can try to use IronPython scripting + JavaScripts to achieve a close performance. Steps to follow:

1. Create a text area and add an Button action control item.

2. Link the button to an IronPython script. Scripts are as the following -

from Spotfire.Dxp.Data import DataTable

dataTable = Document.Data.Tables['MyTable']


3. Go back to the text area. Right click and go to "Edit HTML". You should see your button as e.g. "".

4. Add a DIV tag: "



5. Click on the "JS" button on the menu bar to insert a JavaScript. Scripts are as the following -

setInterval(function () {

$("#myBtn .sf-element ").trigger("click");

}, 10000);

Note: "10000" above means 10000 milliseconds.

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