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How to change Marking on Data Limitting option in many Visualizations

Ringga Ringga

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I have several visualization chart in one page. let's say I have 2 line charts, 1 bar chart and 1 combination chart. Currently it's limitted by MARKING_A. I'm curious if we can create python script to change the marking (let say MARKING_B) for all of the visualizations at the same time.

Highly appreciate if someone can help on this issue.




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Below is a sample script

from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import *


#Access current active page


# or to access a specific page



# Specify the marking you want to set

currentMarking = Document.Data.Markings['Marking_A']



for visual in page.Visuals:

if visual.TypeId != VisualTypeIdentifiers.HtmlTextArea:




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