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How to display/Hide Table with Iron Python script which at present displays or hide of Bar chart visual.Script is attached for Barchart.

Sony Hejmady

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I have a button consisting of Iron Python Script which displays or hides Barchart as attached with Code.This has 3 script parameteres (Type Visualizations).

Now my requirement is I need to display a tablealong with the Barchart where the Table is detailed info of the Barchart.Hence when I click button both Barchart and Table should display.On Next click both should hide.Please help me how to incorporate the attached Table script in attached Barchart script.

Please help me to collate the 2 attached scripts.Hence when I click a single button,it should display both barchart and Table.In another click both charts should disappear.

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You will just need to incorporate the if and else code in the bar chart script one after the other ,if you have already verified that individually both scripts work fine.

You could also create 2 functions ,one to display/hide the bar chart and the other for the table and then call them one after the other.


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