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How to fix dynamic property control for combination bar chart

gurusai sankar

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Hi All,

I have the data like Capacity, Allocation , Availability, Unmet demand (in Hours & FTE)

My requirement is : We should provide a radio button or single value drop down for Hours and FTE

If user will select Hours-Capacity, Allocation , Availability, Unmet demand hours data should show in combination bar chart.

If user will select FTE-Capacity, Allocation , Availability, Unmet demand FTEdata should show.


Request you to work on attached dxp file share your valueble feedback.




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Option 1:

You can make use of iron python script which will be triggered on dropdown value selection. In the script, you can changethe expression of your combination bar chart like

expression='Sum([capacity hours])........' if hours is selected or expression='Sum([capacity fte])........' when fte is selected. Below is the reference where you can find all python scripts:



Option 2:

Create four document properties one for each column. Set your combination chart expresssion asSum([${col1}]),Sum([${col2}]),Sum([${col3}]),Sum([${col4}])

Now on dropdown change trigger iron python script where you can set the values for these 4 document properties to the respective column name like:

if Document.Properties["drop"]=="FTE":










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