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How to increase the disk size on the Loglogic EVA.

Patrick Smith 2

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I've downloaded and deployed the Loglogic EVA Large ver. 6.2.1 on vCenter 6.0. It states that it has 4.5TB of retention. When deploying the ova it shows the disk size as only 500GB thick provisioned. Is there a way to increase the disk size Increasing the VM disk via the vm settings has no effect.



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By default, all EVAs deployed on ESXi will have a default LVM and physical disk space of 500GB. To increase this, follow the steps below:


1. Add a disk to your VM from VSphere Client from ESXi side for the desired size. If you are planning to add 4TB in size, I would suggest adding 2 disks each with 2TB in size. Once you do this, the disk space is now available for you to see. If you perform a "fdisk -l" command on LMI putty session, you'll see that the new disks are now available.


2. Now the LVM needs to be expanded with the new disk space that is added. The best way to do this is to reboot the EVA. When the EVA starts to boot back up, there is a script that is run by LMI software to expand the LVM. It's called pre_logappd script and you should be able to see messages like "Expanding LVM" and "Expanding disk space to 4TB" etc.


Note: I wouldn't suggest expanding the LVM using VMWare tools or commands. Although LMI uses a Linux based OS, the proprietary application layer running on the top controls LVM and if you expand the LVM manually, it can cause the metadata to corrupt and which can cause the usable disk 500GB to corrupt. If you need further assistance please contact TIBCO Support at support.tibco.com to have one of our support engineers help you with the process.



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