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How to search the Library for reports that depend on a file data source

Mike Taylor 4

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The Library Administration tool can search for library items, and keywords are used to identify those items. I would like to search the Library for reports (Analysis) that depend on a file data source. A file data source is created when you load data from a file into the report; these can be for example a CSV, Excel or .sbdf file. The Data Source is then displayed by the Data Table Properties, Source Information dialog box. For example:

Select File > Add Data Tables...

Source: Data loaded from file

Type: Microsoft Excel Workbooks

Location: \mypathmyfile.xls

Worksheet: myworksheet

There is a key word and function for that can be combined to search for data sources: "item_type:datasource"

How can the datasource function be combined with a keyword in a search to find all reports that use files

item_type:datasource myfile.xls or item_type:datasource \mypathmyfile.xls or item_type:datasource Data loaded from file

None of these seem to work.

Thank you

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As per my knowledge, I don't think we can search for the excel file as either is embedded in the analysis file or kept in the shared driver because there is no GUID associated with it. If you export its content inside the Spotfire library and load it inside the Analyst, then you can see the GUID.


So it is pretty much clear the searching works on GUID or the name of the data source but it should be present in the Spotfire library.

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