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How to run spotfire functionalities in docker containers

Ikuko Matsunaga

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I need to run spotfire server, spotfire analyst, and spotfire web player in docker containers.

My questions are

1. Has Tibco already distributed docker images of these 3

2. According to system requirement, it says that containers are not supported regarding spotfire server and spotfire web player.

Does it mean that Tibco has not distributed docker images I guess that it is possible to create a docker container of spotfire server because spotfire server can run in linux(Redhat).

3. Now spotfire web playerand analyst can run only in windows os. However, is there a possibility to release linux supported web player and analyst in the future

4. Please tell me what TIBCO BusinessWorks container edition can do I guessed that it would be kind of development tool to create a container file.

Can I create a docker container of spotfre withTIBCO BusinessWorks container edition

5 I red a readme of github regardinghttps://github.com/mikeschippers/docker-tibco.

It seems that some tibco products work as a container and run in specific directory. For example, we are able to runTIBCO Rendezvous software intibrv:8.4.5 directory in a container. Is my understanding correct I am interested in whether spotfire work with this sdk.


Thank you for your reading.

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As of now, official support is not present for the docker and you can vote for the enhancement feature request:https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas/TS-I-6746

For Web Player & Automation Service on Linux, vote for the below enhancement request:https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas/TS-I-5300

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