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How to Fix Dynamic Year filter for displaying first 3 years in Bar chart

gurusai sankar

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Hi All,

I have the data like Year , Cap cost & Exp cost

My requirement is

If user will select a aprticular yaer in the filter - It should display first 3 years dynamically (start year , startyear +1, start yaer +2 ) in the side by side barchart (X Axis: Year, Y axis: cap cost & Exp cost in Side by side bar )

Ex: If user selects 2018 - It should display 2018, 2019, 2020 dyanmically

Please suggest a right approach or any condition to fix this .

( Note : As per the data -My year coulmn is in String format and unable to chane into date as i am getting empty values)

Kindly help on this




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You can add a drop-down list document property, and set the property value using unique values in the YEAR column. Then go to the bar chart properties > Data > Limit data using expression, for example:

[YEAR] = ${StartYear} OR [YEAR] = Integer(${StartYear}) + 1 OR [YEAR] = Integer(${StartYeaer}) + 2

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