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Can the whitelist function be turned off

Daniel Slidel

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We have been running 7.9 for a while and this worked really well, upgrading to 7.14 has caused many issues. The main one being that the connectivity we had with our website in collaboration panels is no longer working. We cannot get the whitelist function to work for our domain, even using the wildcard functions. Unfortunately its making our dashboards unusable as we link to hundreds of pages on our website.

Can the whitelist function be turned off


Many thanks

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I have the same requirement with Spotfire Analyst 7.11.1 I have a client version (not server) so don't appear to have access to the Administration Properties. How can I either turn the whitelisting off or get access to the Administration Properties

(sorry not an answer but couldn't see how to comment on the original post)

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Hello Ed,

1)Navigate to AppData->local->TIBCO->Spotfire Desktop->{Version Number}->Modules->Spotfire DXP Forms_xx.x.xxxxx.xxxx folder on your machine and edit Spotfire.Dxp.Main.dll.config in a text editor

Eg: C:Users{Your Username}AppDataLocalTIBCOSpotfire Desktop7.11.1ModulesSpotfire DXP Forms_32.1.12511.6140

2) Find "Desktop_Preference_UseWhitelistForSecuritySensitiveUris" setting and set it to false save the file.




3)Reopen the Spotfire desktop application.



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In order to access Spotfire Analyst >> Tools Menu >> Administration Manager, you will need to have Administrator License for Spotifre. You either need to be added to the Spotfire "Administrator" group by someone who currently has Spotfire "Administrator" license or you can just ask the Spotfire Administrator to perform the steps for you.

The licenses/permissions for the users can only be changed by a Spotfire Administrator using Spotfire Analyst Client or the Web Player.

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(Sorry still can't seem to add comments to responses despite trying multiple browsers)

Varma - I had a look at the config file but that key wasn't present. I even tried to add it into the application properties section, but that had no effect.

Prashant - I at a loss to know how to get Administrator privileges. I had a standalone installation on my laptop, and when I login I do so through the spotfire.perkinelmer server. It's odd that with a single installation I don't have admin rights.

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