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Update existing/Append new rows to a spreadsheet-based table

Denise Marshall

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I have a project that contains an embeddedspreadsheet data table(my master dataset).What I'm hoping to do with Ironpython, isupdate the table once a month with any status changes (from an Oracle database), then search the same Oracle databaseon the status to see if any new items exist with that status, and append those new rows to the dataset. Those new rows would become part of the permanent master data table, the idea being that the table would continue to grow in size every month with the addition of the new rows. Apologies if this has already been answered, I wasn't sure how to search it and get the answer I was looking for. I've attached a sample of what I'm trying to accomplish.
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As Khushboo answered earlier its easier to put the data in a database and source that in Spotfire via an information link or a Oracle connector.


That way you do not need to poll the Oracle database to find out if new data has been added and then update the data table in Spotfire manually or via a script.


Whenever the report is loaded the new data will be sourced as long as the data table in Spotfire stays linked to source.

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