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Gauge Chart - linking to data in project

Byron Kelly

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Hi All

I am trying to create a Gauge Chart in my Spotfire Analyst project. I have no prior experience using Java Script or HTML code so I am struggling here.

I am trying to link the Gauge Chart to the data in my project, so that when I mark a table/chart, the Gauge Chart will update with revelant data related to the marking.

I have implemented a basic gauge chart based on code I found here :


This plots a static gauge chart, using a static number (#22 for 'visitors'); I would like to change the static number to a number based on my data.

1) How do I link the Gauge Chart to a calculated column in my dataset

2) How do I enable it to updated based on marking my data

I tried to modify the code and replace the #22 'value' with the name of the Calculate Column i want to chart, but it did not work.

I am trying to plot a % (one number divided by another, in this case production/capacity)

Here is what my modified JS looks like (which does not work)


calculated value:













//add scripts to head





init = function(){

var g = new JustGage({

id: "gauge",

value: "Production/Capacity",

min: 0,

max: 1.00

title: "Visitors"



//refresh gauge when calcvalue changes





}Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.



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Shandilyas example sometimes failsin 10.0.0 and later versions of Spotfire.


I'm attaching a modifiedexample where aMutationObserver is added, listening to two calculated values, and set the value and color of the gaugedepending on those two calculated values.

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