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Mouse Over effect on Title

Steven Smith 4

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I have a user asking if we can make a Visualization's Description field (available on properties) into a mouse over effect for the Title displayed. So when the end-user mouses over the Visualization's Title the Descrition would display. They are wanting something similar to the mouse over effect when going over points in graphs. I figure the answer is problably 'yes', but I'm not sure where to start trying to make this happen.

My guess is a JS which I would likely trigger with loading of a textbox or some other method when page opens (I'm open to suggestions). Just not sure what elements to change in the DOM and how to code the JS to make this happen. If anyone can give me a head start of some solution ideas I would appreciate it.

FYI. We are using Spotfire .7.8.0 and have Statistics Servicesoption ®.

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It is not possible to apply a mouse over effect for a visualization title through a javascript.

Javascripts can only be applied in Text area visualizations where the property controls (document properties) can be accessed in javascript to apply different effects on them or to code some functionalities.


This is not possible out of the box but you can log an enhancement to add this feature in Spotfire in the ideas portal athttps://ideas.tibco.com/

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