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Changing the DB using property control

Poornima Manjunath

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I have many DB'sunder one data source. its difficult to create the information links for each DB which has same table names, column namesin data tables to create information link for each Data base. can i give a property control to select the data base and this could change the URL path of the data table selection and the columns under that data base tables

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It can be done through parametrized information links. You can have below approaches:

1) You will need to create parameters in such information link like Schema which will have single value and data type undefined

2) You will have database/schema/table names in document property

3) Import the information link in dashboard.

a) If you want to keep this information link static for the same dashboard, you can just pass parameter value to import data and once saved everytime that value will be used to fetch data in dashboard.

b) If you want users to run query against diff databases in same dashboard, you can import information link as data on demandand then define input value for the parameter through the document property created

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