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Tibco Spotfire webplayer, set a document property via the url

Alex Cassells

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I am trying to do something simple in Tibco Spotfire, to try and set a document property in webplayer by specifying a property in the url. I cannot get this to work.

I have created a document property called 'test' which is simply a string



I have then created an input text control bound to that document property




I would expect that if I opened that report in webplayer with a url prepended with &configurationBlock=test%3D"helloworld" then the input text would be populated with the value helloworld. However, it is not.


This seems to be a reasonably simplE thing to get working, I have tried what I think is every possible variant of encoding the data to no effect. Is there something I am doing wrong that could make this work.

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The below works for me:

http://mySpotfireServer/spotfire/wp/OpenAnalysisfile=/RW/SampleAnalysis... World%22;


../spotfire/wp/OpenAnalysisfile=/RW/SampleAnalysis&configurationBlock=test=%22Hello World%22;



There is more supporting documentation for the same on our wiki article below:

Create a Configuration Block in TIBCO Spotfire


As per above documentation, the following characters should be encoded in particular:

space %20

" %22

{ %7B

} %7D

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So I have tried that on our corporate spotfire server and have also tried it on Spotfire cloud and it doesn't work for me.  The link to the public cloud version is 




I am intereseted to know what I am doing wrong.

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