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Fetching specific cell from datatable using ironpython

Baljeet Dhaliwal 2

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Hello Baljeet,

You can use the DataTable.Select() to limit the selection and the retrieve the required value.

Can you try the following script

from Spotfire.Dxp.Data import *

from System.Collections.Generic import List



# select an expression to limit the data in a table

rowSelection=table.Select('Period = "2017-2"')


# Create a cursor to the Column we wish to get the values from

cursor = DataValueCursor.CreateFormatted(table.Columns["Sales"])


# Create List object that will hold values



# Loop through all rows, retrieve value for specific column,

# and add value into list

for row in table.GetRows(rowSelection.AsIndexSet(),cursor):

rowIndex = row.Index

value1 = cursor.CurrentValue




for val in listofValues:

print val

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Hi Team,


I have a similar query. 


I have a data table. I am taking an input from user from text input field and need to search a column for value to be found or not. if value found, then I want the whole row from the table to be returned.


Can you suggest a psudo code for the same. For security reasons, I can't share my progress. But I am new to ironpython and spotfire. I developed the code in regular python (spyder) first and now trying to fit that in ironpython. Please suggest.


Thanks in anticipation,



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