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In JSViz, how to paginate results

Jimmy Zhu

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In JSViz, we could only find the way to call "ReadNextRows" recursively to fetch data. In that way, we will have to read the whole table. Is there a way to query only specific paged data

Also we found some classes in JSViz are sealed. Is it possible to make it unsealed so that developer can extend it




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Hi Jimmy

Reading only certain requested rows will be available in the next release of JSViz which is in testing now and should be available around the end of the month. This is mainly to support virtual tables and expandable visualizations such as network charts.

If you can let me know which classes you are trying to extend, I will be glad to comment. There are some changes in the new release to support custom setup pages, so these may or may not be what you are asking for.



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Thank you, Dave.

For the paging, we are using marking to limit the row number so that we don't have to extend classes. But we do have a plan to enhance the JSViz grid in column ordering, sorting and coloring. We will evaluate the new version of JSViz after its released.




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