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Spotfire Javascript API get complete hierarchy filter tree

Vinay Lakkam

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I understand that there is a way to get checked filters from a checkbox-hierarchy-filter treewith 'spotfire.webPlayer.includedFilterSettings.ALL_WITH_CHECKED_HIERARCHY_NODES' and unchecked filters with `spotfire.webPlayer.includedFilterSettings.ALL_WITH_UNCHECKED_HIERARCHY_NODES` option.

But none of these options gives me a complete hierarchy tree (including its descendants). Is there a way to get such data

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I used the below JS to obtain the heirarchyPaths from the getFilterColumn. I then transform the data to be used in a multiselect drop down menu.




function OnLoadRun(doc, fil_sch, dtname, dcname) {

doc.filtering.getFilterColumn(fil_sch, dtname, dcname, spotfire.webPlayer.includedFilterSettings.ALL_WITH_CHECKED_HIERARCHY_NODES, function(FilterColumn) {




var data = FilterColumn.filterSettings.hierarchyPaths

const opt = data.reduce((results, pair) => {

if (!results[0][pair[0]]) //first element of results is lookup map of other elements

results.push(results[0][pair[0]] = {

label: pair[0],

children: []



label: pair[1],

value: pair[1],

selected: "TRUE"


return results;

}, [{}]).slice(1); //slice off map as it's no longer needed




$('#elem1').multiselect('dataprovider', opt);




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