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How do I download Pareto Chart Mod for Spotfire

Yuji Fukushima

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Hi Yuji, you likely are experiencing an issue caused by the browser. For Chrome we are aware of this and have posted the following instruction in our FAQ:

We've noticed with the newest Google Chrome browser update that some Mods and downloads across the site are now registering as "dangerous" due to the fact they are zip files. You can read more from Google on how to adjust your "Safe Browser" settings. To access the download, you will need to access your full download history and click the button "keep dangerous file." With any site that offers downloads, your browser settings or company VPN may not allow pop-ups or downloads, so please check your computer security browser settings.

Can you give this a try? Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be something on our end that we can change. Our engineers and platform provider are looking into it already. 


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