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How to set zoom slider to latest year on x-axis of a line chart

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Hi All,

I have a scenario where I want to set the zoom slider to latest year

as of now below is the default view of the line-chart:


when someone opens the analysis they should be able to see below view by default:


How can this be achieved?


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A way of achieving this would be to effectively limit the visualization to the latest year.
In the line chart properties, go to the Data tab, scroll down to "Limit data using expression", click on "Edit" and input the following expression:



where [myDate] is your date column.

If you want to keep the alternative of seeing everything vs seeing only the latest year, you could define a document property (say you call it visibleDateRange) and then add a text area with a drop-down choice which populates this property.  This would be set either to "True" (meaning all data allowed) or to the expression above (see screenshot).
Then you set this property as the Limit data using expression as:






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