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Export a non visible data row visualization to the ppt/pdf


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* I have two data tables, Table 1 and Table 2.

* Table 2 visualization is linked to Table 1. (See attached dxp example)

* When I select all the rows on Table 1, I do not see all the visualization in a trellis. So how do I see all the visualizations and how do I export individual visualizations of each row to ppt/pdf? 

* I have attached an example 'dxp' file. 

Example_exportNonvisualtionrow_visualization.dxp Example_exportNonvisualtionrow_visualization.pptx

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Posted (edited)


This behavior is expected.

" If more than one item is marked, the first item will be used to define the value to use on the axis."


However, you can add a text area and a list box referring to a document property that contains the column selections that you would like to do (sample attached).

The export logic does not support iterating through markings or selections for you at this point, but it is being looked into.

Hope this helps,





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