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Finding the low Peaks on a line chart

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I have an interesting topic, that I kind of solved it partially. 

I have a line chart with a shape that is similar to sinus and I would like to create a trigger (a 1) every time the signal peaks down (or up). I created a calculated column for that (using LastPeriods) and I get some of the peaks but I am missing some. Maybe the interval is wrong (40), I tried a different numbers but this was my best guess. The line is ROP_FT (purple).

Here is my column:

case  WHEN 
[ROP_FT]=Min([ROP_FT]) over (LastPeriods(40,[EPOCH])) then 1 else 0 END

Is it possible to refine the query, maybe. not sure how. Many thanks


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Hi Christian,

Could you elaborate a bit more about the other variables? And do you want a trigger, each time the purple line is diverting from a straight line? Because that seems to be always the case in your screenshot.
Also, it would be great if you could share a dataset and/or your dxp file so we can look into it more in depth.

Kind regards,


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