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Spotfire Snowflake Key Pair Authentication ConfigurationIssue

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Currently I am facining issue in configuring key pair authentication in setting up data connection, I have confirfured encrypted key path and provided path in datasource template and i am getting issue on invalid configuration. Please can anyone help if you have allready configured key pair authenticaiton. ?


Datasource template:




Information link designer connection URL



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  • Mithun Vishwakarma changed the title to Spotfire Snowflake Key Pair Authentication ConfigurationIssue


According to the Java stacktrace in the log file which you provided via email, the Snowflake JDBC driver is rejecting the connection string:
Caused by: net.snowflake.client.jdbc.SnowflakeSQLException: Connection string is invalid. Unable to parse.
at net.snowflake.client.jdbc.SnowflakeDriver.connect(SnowflakeDriver.java:185) ~[snowflake-jdbc-3.14.2.jar:3.14.2]
I suggest the following changes:
(1) Remove the <connection-property> with the rsa_key_unencrypted.p8 from the data source template.  rsa_key_unencrypted.p8 is not a valid property for the Snowflake driver.
(2) Based on searching the web, I always see examples of the Snowflake private key including private_key_file and private_key_file_pwd in the connection string.  You can check with Snowflake to see if both are required or not. 
(3) Recommend using a unix path separator since Java will be parsing the path, e.g. E:/tibco/tss/12.0.9/tomcat/certs/rsa_key_unencrypted.p8, again Snowflake should tell you what the driver is expecting.
Since the error is coming from the Snowflake driver, Snowflake should be able to guide you on what is expected by the JDBC driver.



P.S.  I sent the above information to you in an email too last week and not sure if you received it or not.

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