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File links in table visualization


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How can I properly format file links to open the file in Windows when I click on them?

I have file links in a column of the format "//share/*.txt".

I've tried rendering as link with "file://{$}", but that doesn't seem to work. Can Spotfire just not handle links to network files?

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Hi Diablo908,

You have to set a couple of preferences first in for the defined user group, before you can use a link setting to open a text file.

The two settings are (I did it on the Everyone group, but you can choose any group you like):
The settings are blank by default and need to be set to True.

Once done, you have to restart the Analyst to be able to use the new settings.
Then, you create a link as per the below image if you want to open files on your C:\ drive:

This will open the txt file:


See also this topic for more information:

Kind regards,


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Hey David,

What are the formats needed to filter file extensions and URI schemes in those two preferences above the ones you highlighted? (Additional File Extensions and Additional Uri Schemes)

For file extensions i.e. - *.csv or csv or .csv

For Uri schemes i.e. - https or https://


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Hi diablo,

Regarding the file extensions, you can see here how that it should be done: https://support.tibco.com/s/article/How-to-limit-the-file-extensions-that-are-allowed-in-the-column-link-renderer.

With regards to the uri schemes, this is what the documentation says (it also gives a bit more information on the Additional File Extensions):

Preference name Default Description
Additional File Extensions .html, .htm In Spotfire clients, file:// links are passed to the operating system, and the default open action for the file type is performed. For example .html files are opened in the default browser, .jpg files are opened in the application associated with the .jpg file extension. By adding extensions such as .bat, .py, .exe (that can contain code), as allowed file extensions in Spotfire, opening files from untrustworthy sources can be dangerous if dangerous file types are allowed.
Additional URI Schemes Empty Controls which URI schemes can be used, in addition to http:// and https://.

Kind regards,




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