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Range Filters - Is it possible to see the value by mouse hover


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In the above range filter, the data is limited to just 1 or 2 values. It becomes difficult to set the sliders bars here. Is there a way I can see the value at this point by just hovering the mouse over it? Or any other way?


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Hi Padmini, 

Unfortunately you can't see the values using a mouse over. 
There are 2 ways you could go about this. 1 is to create a calculated value that takes the filtered range into account (and therefore only includes the remaining values in the filter). In that case you can create a filter control for that calculated column.
The other way would be create some controls for a user to change the filter type. Especially when using there are just a few values in there the user might be better of with a listbox filter for example.
Attached is an example dxp for the second option. 

Best regards, 


The script in the dxp can be found at this link: 






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