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Mod can not be fully loaded when exporting PDF or Images

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Sometimes when exporting PDF or images, the MOD content may not be fully loaded but exported,which resulting in incorrect display of mod content in the PDF or image, or a blank page.
I found the script only calls one line of code when calling the print function.
The execution of the print function is divided into two steps: the first step is data transmission, and the second step is mod content loading. However, there is no place in the mod to control the print waiting time.

We have added our own developed mod to the dxp file. The mod takes some time to complete its rendering. When we call the PDF printing function of dxp through a script, sometimes the mod hasn't finished rendering yet. We want to know if there is a way to control the loading time for printing so that the mod can finish rendering. If there are other methods, please let us know.
1)We are using a Python script to accomplish this task.
2)The mod we are using is a custom-developed one.
3)This situation has not occurred temporarily in other built-in visual objects.
4)The problem is not related to the web player
5)sometimes our mod exports as a blank state because it hasn't finished rendering.




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Hi, I recall we had this with another mod a little while ago. The recommendation from engineering at that time was to include the following in your mod code:


This should be placed in your code after all the UI components have rendered. This signals back to the mods API to indicate your mod has completed rendering, and the export option should then have the full visualization available.

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