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Showing Calculations % on Map

Vincent Thuilot
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I am performing various calculations that i would like to show on a map.

The latest that I have sounds very simple but i cant find a straightforward way to do it.

Here the label calculation that I made: Sum([Metrics]) THEN [Value] * 100 / Sum([Value]) OVER (All([Axis.Geometry]))

I would like to display it in % for every regions, however the result i get is this attached: labels displayed as integers. 

Is there any quick way to work this around and show the result as %, with one or two numbers after the comma?



thanks in advance for your support!

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Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out!

I ended up duplicating the column I wanted to display and changed the default format settings for that duplicated columns. Couldn't find a better way.

If we had more formatting options for Map charts that would be extremely helpful.

Best regards


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