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Performance when Data Centers are far from TSS

Dung Huan

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I have seen thehttps://spotfire.tibco.com/resources/whitepaper/spotfire-enterprise-over...

I am a contractor working for a large enterprise. They are evaluating Spotfire but I can't find information about how the performance will be if we want a single (clustered) spotfire servers so the company can have only onelibrary. The spotfire server will be hitting with multiple data centers in different regions across the world but the worry is about performance.

For example,if the data center is in colombia (as well as the worker nodes for the web server) while spotfire server is in the corporate headquarters in Finland. The web player in colombia needs to talk to the server in finland to get the data from colombia, get it back to the server in finland to finally send it back to the web player in colombia.

Maybe scheduled updates can help or automation services. But is there a way to improove the performance when using the client without cashing the data in the TSS or replicating the data store in both locations Can anyone confirm please

How large global companies with multiple data centers go about using only one centralized library

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Starting Spotfire version 7.9 a new feature called Sites is available which can be leveraged for your use case-

Here is a brief note on Sites-


You can create multipleSpotfireenvironments that share the sameSpotfiredatabase, including the library and user directory. These environments, which are calledsites, can be configured to reduce latency for multi-geographic deployments.Sitesalso enable the use of a variety of authentication methods, along with different user directories, within the same deployment.


Reference documentation-


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