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International Setting : decimal separator

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Is it possible to control the decimal separator used by Spotfire from an application itself?

I am using Calculated Value within Text area to compute some KPIs and I would like to control the decimal separtor used by the application whatever the local user setting.



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Hi Christophe,

Spotfire web users are normally using the settings from the Spotfire server side, when it comes to decimal separators.

Spotfire analysts will use their local settings for the decimal separator.

So, if the intent is for you to create a calculated value in a text area and you want every web user to use the same settings as you have, you need to be in sync with the settings from the Spotfire servers.

Kind regards,


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My client wants to generate reports for its clients worldwide. Naturally, we need to accommodate the decimal separators preferred by each client.

With IronPython, I can override the regional settings of a specific column in a datatable. This works well with table visualization. However, it doesn't work for Calculated Value in Text area and most other visualizations. It's disappointing that Calculated Value doesn't utilize the regional settings of its inputs in the same manner it attempts to use the display setting of its inputs.



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