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Provide the authorization endpoint of Tibco Spotfire where users will authenticate and authorize access using auth0

Deven Gandhi

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We have web application where user authenticated through auth0. Our application user also using Spotfire web and authenticated through auth0. Thus to avoid two time login 1 from web application and 2 from Spotfire, we want if user log in to web application then he clicks to Spotfire action then using auth0 access_token from web application, user should single sign on to Spotfire.

Here, need help how can we prepare the Spotfire URL where we can pass auth0 access_token for single sign on. 


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Typically, in this case, you would configure Spotfire for OpenID authentication using auth0 as the provider, and then, since the web applications are using the same provider, the user is not prompted again for their credentials (assuming corporate policy allows this).   A specific URL in Spotfire is not required in this case.  

From your question, I don't know if Spotfire is embedded in the web application or not. If it is, then I would recommend looking at the JavaScript API: New Capabilities in Spotfire 12.0 (assuming you are running Spotfire 12.0 or greater).



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