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Dr.Spotfire, I'm try to make a PCA model in spotfire.I found this code but it doesn't work properly.

saminda roshan

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I want to make a PCA model. I found a sample code in exchange.ai

But when I excute the code in Spotfire, it gives me an error.


Can anyone help me with this matter.

I would really appreciate if you can upload a dxp sample.



This is my code

# Assume your incoming DataTable is called "Data"

# Get rid of na's input.data = na.omit(Data)

# Run the PCA


data.pca = prcomp(input.data, center=TRUE, scale. = TRUE)

# Collect outputs


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Hi Natasha,

Thanks for your question, the solution will be discussed in the upcoming Dr. Spotfire session. Register here (https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/doctor-spotfire-office-hours).

If you are unable to make it, the sessions will be recorded and available for viewing on TIBCO Dr. Spotfire playlist (https://www.youtube.com/watchv=hGKmTxVcjJ0&list=PLknbq-WaCOiVvyZpLXHOM2...).

Short answer is that you don't need to build PCA from scratch. You can download the free template "Financial Crime Buster Template" from community.spotfire.com/exchange(link). That already contains code to perform PCA. You simply have to replace your data & follow the template instructions to interpret the results.

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