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How to export a page as an image in TIBCO Spotfire using IronPython scripting.

Maria Khmelnitskaya

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Dear all

Is there a way to export a page from the report as an image

I have found a way to export a vizualisation:https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/how-export-visualization-image-tibco-sp..., but I need a snapshot of the entire page. In the example in the link a Render attribute of the vizualisation is used, but it is not availible for the page.

P.S. I need that to export the report with custom styles, and this option is unavailble in Tibco 7.8.


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Shandilya Peddi


Thank you! this helps. Just in case there is luck on my side today,  I see no harm in asking...


Do you know if there is an example of this code that loops through the dxp document pages and inserts into a new or open powerpoint I have searched long and far for this to address my original use case


My use case for this ask: counter default behavior/output of Spotfire webplayer's "export to PowerPoint" and the effects of this behavior rendering any meaningful spotfire library analyses' visualization unintelligible due to its default 4:3 slide dimensions. The bulky aspect ratio is primary painpoint and is further compounded by slides' meager size/area serving to pronoune underdesired skew by constraining images ability to handle font size and visualization elements . 


Thanks again! I will post back here if I find the solution I am looking for. 

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