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Auto adjust the dashboard based on the screen size of the monitor/laptop

krishnan krishnan

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Hi is it possible to make dashboard auto adjust to screen size.

I have designed a dashboard in 20inch scree. its looks fit to the window. but when i open it from 14inch laptop most of the screen is wrapped or a scroll bar is diplayed to see the complete screen. most of this is happening to text area. this happens even if i zoom out by browser. is there any solution/coding to make it auto adjust based on zoom level/screen size.

help me out. even i selected visualization area as Fit to window in document properties


Thanks in advance

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Here is one solution that works well, but is not the ultimate solution (in the end)

in the report you want to display on multiple sizes, go to edit / document Properties

on tab General find subject Visualization area size (drop down list) and select a pre-defined size or create one of your own.

The report will resize to new set area size. Now move about your visualizations on each page until all is displayed as you like (might take some compromises here).

For each page create a bookmark with the (new) layout; use helpfull bookmark names (page1-size12 etc)

create text visualisation; in textbox (Edit text area) insert "Action Control" (is icon with exclamation mark and Plus-sign) ; line: Display text (e.g.) Watch on 12 inch ; Control Type: button; Available actions: Select pages and then Bookmarks (previous designed:page1-size12); repeat page-and-bookmark for each page



adjusted the pages somewhere Update the related bookmark, otherwise your user wll be shown the old layout.

Add a new size of display repeat the actions as described above all over again

In the end we all want a more flexible and automated system that determines the best size

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