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Creating an interactive map with two filtering levels and distance information

Sacha Yacoubi

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Dear all,

I would like to create a map chart where we can visualize first the number of alerts by city and then, once I choose a given city, visualize all the manufacturing sites that purchase materials from the supplier in this city and their relative distances to this city ... The first part of the question is straightforward but how can I implement the second part

Thank you in advance ,


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This type of information isn't available in the base version of Spotfire, it would require some custom coding to get this to work.


A better option is to look into TIBCO GeoAnalytics, which is a separate program that is specifically built to create custom maps and calculate distances more efficiently. I would recommend that you contact our Sales department and ask about TIBCO GeoAnalytics, to see if it will work for your company.



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