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Question about Spotfire 7.7 webplayer scheduled update

Jonathan Fung

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We are currently using Spotfire 7.7. Would like to know if I cache the data at Web Player by scheduled update, which part of the Spotfire architecture will the loading be increased To my knowledge there is Spotfire server, webplayer server and a database (e.g. Oracle) storing the metadata and visualization files. In which part will the cached data ba saved

Currently we are testing different options of saving visualizations in Spotfire server, e.g. embedded data, link data to source with scheduled update at web player. Would like to know the impact of the two options.

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On which component the load is increased server /Web Player depends on how the data is being sourced.

If its information links then when loading the report the load will be on the server side as the queries will go through the spotfire server.


If its connectors then the load will be on the Web Player server as its a direct connection with the database from the Web Player.

The cache is built on the Web Player so one thing to make sure is that the Web Player has enough ram available to cache all the reports you would like to.

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@ Sayali


So how its work in Schedule updates if the DXP is using  connectors


TSS is going to load the analyis Or webplayer is going to load the anlysis


As of my undersating 


Spotfire Node Manager is going to communicate with the Spotfire Application server which in turn is going to communicate with the data source to fetch the data. Below is the flow.


Web User==>Web Player/Node Manager==>Spotfire Server==>Data Source==> Spotfire Server==>Web Player/Node Manager==>Web User



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