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Pharma Manufacturing App: Visualizing Completes and Approvals for Samples

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We want your feedback on this proposed Pharma Manufacturing App related to Data Entry. How would this App be impactful for you? What comments do you have on the requirements? Do you have anything to add?

Objectives: Ability to review and drill down on sample status and approvals.
Value: Provide a method of visualizing the current sample status and approvals.
High Level Requirements

  • Get the list of data entry setups accessible to the current user.
  • Show the common labels across the selected data entry setups and select which label values to use for aggregating sample status and approval information.
  • Allow for label selection by name (wildcard match) and\or label ID.
  • For example, select the Lot Number label common to all data entry setups.
  • Extract and tabulate a list of all sample status and approvals for each data entry setup using as row index the values of the selected common labels.

This is the definition of an App: Spotfire App.pdf

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