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comparing dashboards


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Is there a way to compare 2 or more dashboards?
Basically, question was asked on stack overflow without an answer, I am searching to compare 2 or more Spotfire Dashboards, and get the difference in human language? I could get the dxp file and then created XMLs.

My interest is, which columns are shared (even when the name has changed etc.?)..

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Hi irmak,

You can either use the Application Profiler, which is standard functionality (you can find it via menu Tools>>Diagnostics>>Application Profiler) or the Qualification Tool.
The Application Profiler compares 2 or more dashboards with each other and will result in a set of .stdf files. You can load these .stdf files back into Spotfire (or select them all and drop them onto your Spotfire screen) to find the comparison between the dashboards. It is quite straightforward and easy to use.

Then there is the Qualification Tool. If the complete set of Spotfire server software has been downloaded from the edelivery website, it is stored in a separate folder in which there is a .spk file. This file has to be added as a deployment package before it becomes visible in Spotfire (once deployed, you can find it via menu Tools>>Qualification). This tool is mostly used to compare the same dashboard over different Spotfire environments (production version versus test version for instance). You can find more information here.

Looking at your use case, I would advise you to start with the Application Profiler.

Kind regards,


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