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WebPlayer Currently Logged In User


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Is there a way to get the currently logged in user in the WebPlayer?

The below works great, but only seems to work for Analyst. When run in WebPlayer, this just gives me the name the spotfire server uses, not the name of the person who logged into Spotfire on the web.


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Hi diablo908,

In that very same article, there is a link which refers to an article that shows the code for Spotfire versions above 10.4.

That code does work in the web, I have tested it with Spotfire 14.0.1 LTS.

Here is the link. Don't forget to create the 4 document properties that are used in the script. And I had to delete the _ in u_name/d_name/domain_name referrals. So I had to do that in both the script as well as in my document properties:

Kind regards,


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