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Trellis Tables


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I am a bit newer to Spitfire. Is it possible to trellis Tables? I need to show the zscore for many tests that can be bucketed into  several different categories. My thought is that this could be accomplished in a similar fashion to trellis for a scatter plot. Once separated by category, each table will be ordered by their respective zscores and then colored with a gradient to highlight rows with the highest zscores for each category. By setting the gradient to have a fixed color at 3, I would be able to easily tell at a glance if any category had any rows with a zscore higher than 3. I don't know how many categories there would be though as it can change. So this goes back to my questions: can you trellis a table? 

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No, the ability to Trellis is not available for Table visualizations. Adding that sounds like a good idea so I recommend that you create an idea in the Ideas Portal (https://ideas.spotfire.com/). I took a quick look and didn't find any existing idea for it.

Maybe you could manually split the data into several tables, especially if those categories are not dynamic/known from the start so you only need to do this once, using "Limit data using expression".  Here's an example where I only show data where the Region is "WE" in one table, and "MW" in another table.  




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