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I'm trying to make this PCA figure with STATISTICA 13, but I can't seem to find how to color sample groups with the same color and make the margins for each group, could you please help? the figure is attached 

Thank you for your help


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As you most probably already realized it is possible to create these output graphs as a result of PCA analysis in Statistica. The default output options from PCA analysis do not allow the coloring of points (there is the possibility to add labels though, but this is not that useful for groups). Coloring of points can be done as a post-processing step when you can construct the graph again from the results from PCA and add coloring of points via scatterplot options.

Before answering the question about areas, can I ask (mainly left graph) how the boundaries of these areas are constructed? Is it defined by the tool from which you have these pictures automatically or what is the method defining these?

Kind regards


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