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Formatting the horizontal DATE axis in a cross table

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I have created a document property that has 4 options to choose from; 'Date' is a column that comes from a daily frequency table. 

I use this document property as a horizontal axis in a cross table as:


When the user selects 'Monthly', the data is displayed as:



Is there a way to format the months to be displayed  as :

1/1/2024  2/1/2024 3/1/2024 etc. instead of Jan Feb Mar...?

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Hmm... it doesn't look like you can do it using the BinByDateTime function.


There may be a more elegant way than this but this seems to work...  rather BinByDateTime you add your own two Horizonal fields using two expressions, one for year the other for month formatted as "01/01/2024". 


In the Property you'd need something like:

<Year([ByDate]) NEST Concatenate(If(Len(String(Integer(Month([ByDate]))))=1,"0" & String(Integer(Month([ByDate]))),String(Integer(Month([ByDate])))),"/01/",Year([ByDate]))>


You also need "01" in the month to order it correctly otherwise it orders it by text (1/,10/,11/,12/,2/,3/...etc. not 01/,02/,03/...)


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