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In information link, can I use multi queries simultaneously?


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Attempting to load large volumes of data from my database using an Information link, I discovered that the process was taking significantly longer than expected. After conducting some research, I learned that to expedite the loading of big data, it's preferable to execute multiple queries simultaneously and load the data in parallel. Is this achievable in Spotfire? Thank you in advance!

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Just for clarity, do you mean splitting a single Information Link into multiple queries, or running multiple Information Links at once?

The latter (parallel data loading - which applies to any data loading) is the default since Spotfire 11.4, when parallel data loading was introduced (https://community.spotfire.com/articles/spotfire/tibco-spotfirer-parallel-data-loading-faq/)

For the former, there is nothing that does that (automatically) on the Spotfire side, but you could of course looking into ways of turning it the latter case (splitting your single Information Link into multiple), or look into what options are available on the database side.

Some other options to consider:
* Look into if the Information Link performance can be improved

* Does the large data need to be imported into Spotfire - if not, consider keeping it external and use a connector to access it.

* Does all the data need to be imported at once - if not, consider using On-Demand to only retrieve data as needed.  

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