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Navigating in Spotfire API Application model and Document model

Barbara Gassmann
Go to solution Solved by David Boot-Olazabal,

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I am trying to generate automatically a documentation for my dxp files.

For doing this I created a script with Ironpython.

I was able to list the tables, visualization titles, filter schemes, but I fail to get the name of the data sources. I want to get the information that you can see when you go in the "Data Table Properties" of the "Edit" menu, then select a table, and click on the "Source Information" tab.

I am studying the documentation about the classes and namespaces, but I fail to find the name of the sources (databases, files or infolinks) of the tables. 

I tried to use the Spotfire.Dxp.Data.Import namespace and the object called DatabaseDataSource, I tried also to use other classes, but nothing worked.

I would like to find the Document model and Application model in order to navigate properly through it, but I didn't find it anywhere, I only have API reference.

Did anyone try the same?

Thank you in advance for your help,

best regards,






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Hello David,

thank you a lot for this article! It helped me a great deal: I could advance, and now I see better how I have to navigate.

I do it with Python (so IronPython in Spotfire), and I saw that I could also use the recursive function (traverseSourceView), it worked! Great!

With kind regards,

have a nice day,


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