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How to cascade filters from different filtering schemes?

Prateek Rawat 3

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I have a text area which contains two filters A and B, both are from 2 different filtering schemes and hence if I select something in Filter A it does not impact filter B and vice versa.
Is it possible to cascade these filters without filtering the respective visualizations?

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Hi Prateek,

Yes, that should be possible. Since the cascading part is handled by Document Properties, your Filtering schemes shouldn't matter.

You can have a look at these Dr. Spotfire Youtube video's to set up the Cascading part:


There are more videos available on Youtube, explaining how to set up Cascading filters. What is important, once you have set up your Cascading part, is to limit your data table (via the Visualization's Properties dialog in the Data tab). Your "Limit Data Using Expression" should look like this: [Region]=DocumentProperty("selectedRegions") and [State] = DocumentProperty("selectedStates") and [City] = DocumentProperty("selectedCities").

Kind regards,


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HI David,

Thanks for the response,

The filters I am using are not property controls but list box filters, so I cannot use the approaches mentioned above.

Generally, cascading will happen automatically in case of list box filters, but in my case these are from 2 different filtering schemes.


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