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Executing a data function from a modal dialog

Priyank Dwivedi
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I have a simple modal dialog that has an HTML table built in. 

One of the columns here is configured as a listbox and executes a data function when user selects a selection from the list. 

The result of the data function is a table, a column of which is to be populated in the modal dialog. 


The issue that I am having is that the moment user makes a selection in the list box, data function executes but it "CLOSES" the modal dialog!! Means the user has to relaunch the modal dialog! 

Is there a way to not have the modal dialog close but also see the results of the data function in the dialog on the listbox selection?

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Hello, can you share the code you are using?

I think the page refreshes after the data function completes execution, so if you switch pages and your dialog is closed, it's going to look like that unless you somehow track the status of the dialog through a document property or something

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