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Hi All

In our Spotfire dashboard, we are using a custom Jviz visualisation, which was developed by a former developer, I working on the performance issue now. 

We tested before integrating it with Spotfire(i.e visual studio code environment) it is working fine, when we checked the developer tool's console section, the request was successful. However, after we integrated it with Spotfire, we noticed a lag in the visualization's loading time. When we checked the developer tool, I noticed that there were two server requests, the second of which was made following the iframe issue(refer screenshot)  Could you provide some thoughts or suggestions regarding the possible cause of the second request?

Iframe message : An iframe which has both allow-scripts and allow-same-origin for its sandbox attribute can escape its sandboxing

Spotfire 12.0.8
Jviz Version:
jQuery v1.8.3

Issues is in both Desktop and web client, please let me know if need more details, your help really appreciated. 




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Hello Andreas, 

Thanks for the response.

I understand your concern, but for security reasons I am unable to provide the code. Please refer to the following screen shot, which shows me receiving a iframe warning error (highlighted in yellow). After that, a second request is made, though I'm not sure if my assumption is accurate.  my Jviz opening but unnecessarily taking time for second request.  




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