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Spotfire CoBranding Configuration Issue

Abhilesh Gupta

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I have downloaded the TIBCO Spotfire Developer. I am using the below support link for co-branding package. I am unable to find the distribution C:\Program Files (x86)\TIBCO\Spotfire\XX.XX.XX\Modules.

I am using spotfire 12.5.0 LTS.



anybody pls help.

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First, I recommend that you double-check what Spotfire version you are using and then follow the documentation for that version, in particular as there were some changes that affected Co-branding in the last 11.x versions (from 11.7, I believe). 

The documentation link you provide was for Spotfire 11.4 but you mentioned "I am using spotfire 12.5.0 LTS". Side-note: if you are using version 12.5.0, that is not an LTS version but a mainstream version - the latest mainstream version is 14.1. The most recent LTS versions are 14.0 LTS, 12.0 LTS and 11.4 LTS.

If you are using 12.5, use the Cobranding Manual available under Spotfire Server 12.5: https://docs.tibco.com/products/tibco-spotfire-server-12-5-0. Direct link: https://docs.tibco.com/pub/spotfire_server/12.5.0/doc/html/TIB_sfire_cobranding_help/cobranding-homepage.html

Regarding "I am unable to find the distribution C:\Program Files (x86)\TIBCO\Spotfire\XX.XX.XX\Modules.". 

Do you have Spotfire Analyst installed on that machine? That is referring to a Spotfire Analyst install location.

Also, as stated in the Cobranding manual:
* For a shared computer setup, this folder is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\TIBCO\Spotfire\<version number>.
* For a single user setup, this folder is similar to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\TIBCO\Spotfire\<version number>.



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