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Spotfire server sizing

Malini Sampangi

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There are a great many factors that affect this so there is no "1-click" solution for it - factors like total number/concurrent users, where data is kept (external, in-memory), how data is accessed - Connectors vs Information Services, size of data, number of analyses, complexity of analyses, if the end users primarily use the installed client (Analyst) or web client, use of calculation services (R, Pyton, TERR) etc.

There is a Dr. Spotfire session - Scaling Spotfire Server and Web Player (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KDan5ynqMg) that can help you understand the thought process though - I recommend that you start by watching that and you'll get a better idea of what factors to consider.

You could also reach out to your Spotfire Account Manager to request assistance with the sizing.

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